We had the pleasure to work with ArganAYma , the 100% bio cosmetic brand. As a beginning, we started by determining the needs of our partner to tailor-made solutions, thus delimiting our objectives and those of our partners: Specific and above all time limits in order to meet our deadlines.

Project goals:

During our partnership with ArganAyma we had as a main goal to launch the brand, promoting the company products, and optimizing there visibility to gain more prospects. There we have combined all our expertise to be able to achieve our objectives, starting from the graphic chart creation, the website development, audiovisual communication and social media management.

Graphic creation:

We have translated Argan Ayma’s DNA through graphic design creations, reflecting their identity, and personality, through the creation of graphic charter including logo, and it declination on all their supports, creating also all the graphic elements constituting the visual identity in terms of colors, typography, sign, icon