We had the pleasure to work with Avène, the termal water-based dermocosmetic brand. As a beginning   , we started by determining the needs of our partner to tailor-made solutions, thus delimiting our objectives and those of our partners: Specific and above time limits in order to meet our deadlines.





During our partnership with Avène we had as a main goal, promoting to the company products, and optimizing there visibility to gain more prospects. The key tool to fulfill this objective is to rely on audiovisual production, photography and videography that have a powerful impact on memorizing.



In order to attain our objective it was necessary to choose the audiovisual tool in order to ensure the promotion of Avène products. There for we have created the following formats:




For promotional purposes, we adopted products photography to present the product using high quality pictures, the best lightning, and decors so that the products look representative and attractive to the customer. The Avène products shooting provides customers with a good first impression and a clear image of the products they want to purchase, and also establishes the brand identity.




We lunched an advertising video with a well-known influencer in order to promote Avène Products.  The advertising video arouses the interest of customers, and generates more engagement. Videos help to connect with viewers and audience in an effective way; it is memorable and easy to assimilate.

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