We had the opportunity to collaborate with Ayma Argan, a fully organic cosmetics brand. From the beginning of our partnership, our approach has been focused on understanding the specific needs of our partner, aiming to provide tailor-made solutions. This initial step was crucial in clearly defining our objectives as well as those of our partner, ensuring they are specific and, most importantly, achievable within strict deadlines to meet our milestones.

Project Objectives:

During our partnership , we set several key objectives to promote the brand, showcase the products attractively, and optimize their visibility to reach a broader audience. To achieve these goals, we implemented an overarching strategy that encompassed several essential areas.


Thanks to our strategic approach and close collaboration with Ayma Argan, we successfully achieved our goals of brand promotion and highlighting their products. The visual identity guidelines contributed to creating a strong and consistent visual identity for the  brand. The website allowed customers to discover the products in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. Promotional videos generated increased interest in the products, while social media management enhanced the brand’s online presence and fostered community engagement.

Our partnership with the brand has been a success, and we are proud to have contributed to the growth and visibility of this organic cosmetics brand. We will continue to work with dedication and creativity to help our partners achieve their goals and thrive in their respective fields.

Graphic Design Creation:

We have translated Ayma Argan’s DNA through the creation of graphic designs that reflect their identity and personality, thanks to the development of a graphic charter that includes the logo and its variations on all their media. We have also created all the graphic elements that make up the visual identity in terms of colors, typography, symbols, and icons.

Product Photography:

In order to launch the Ayma Argan e-commerce website, it was necessary to have high-quality Ayma Argan product images to provide customers with a good first impression and a clear image of the product they wish to purchase. For promotional and social media content purposes, we also adopted Ayma Argan product photography to showcase products using high-quality images, with appropriate backgrounds, so that the products are appealing to the  company customer.